hoochie girl It's a long-standing tradition that Namaste meet on Tuesday nights. "Rehearsal" can be applied fairly loosely to what transpires- there is usually some playing done- but we always leave time for other forms of fun. Sometimes our friend and occasional Namaste member Der Bucketman (Dave SanSoucie) would challange Dr. Mo to a chess match, and so the meetings were originally christened the Tuesday Night Music & Chess Club.

One fateful night, certain spirits provoked a change in the procedings. Following toasts to their respected, departed grandfathers, Mo and Julian re-named the meetings the Tuesday Night Music & Death Club. Since this time, we have honored the recently dead, famous or obscure, with a libation.

We've had some wonderful conversations and debates over the years. (If you want to start something, just ask Julian what he thinks of the concept of circular time.) Friends stop by, and you know what happens when you get the right group of people together. We have often wished for recordings of the best evenings.

Well, there's no substitute for being together with good friends, but we decided to try the old bulletin board routine now that we have our web site. It's really nothing much yet, and it won't be unless you join in. Post a provocative question, take a stand on an issue, make some stupid remark (my speciality), or tell us what you think of Namaste. It's open to all, and if you post, you will become a member of the TNM&DC. Lucky you!

(Someday we will be able to support our very own bulletin board, but for now we must avail ourselves of the free service at Delphi. Gotta love that name, Delphi. I guess they require you to "become a member" in order to read the boards. I don't believe there is a downside to this- I haven't gotten ANY spam or unwanted mail from this source, so it seems cool to me. I realise that some of you are uncomfortable signing up for things like this, so I apologize for not having a completely care-free board for you. But I believe that Delphi has been around for a long time- in web years- and that they are responsible. However, my trust in them is no substitute for your very own paranoia, which has served you so well. Too bad, because we love having paranoids as members of the TNM&DC.)

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