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"Hey, is this a VooDoo doll?"

Kristen (we like to call her Kat) is amused by one of the "trinkets" in our shop.

So many people asked about this that it gave Mo an idea.

interesting... very interesting...
Our first customer "If we're gonna LOOK voodoo, we're gonna DO voodoo."

Dr. Mo has some experience with card reading.

He sets to work with the help of Julian's glow-in-the-dark chicken bones.

"First ya blow, then ya throw."

There really is an art to it.

(You have to imagine Dad rattling the shakers while this is going on.) know how to whistle, don't ya?
I see a tall, dark bass player...

Kit's partner in motivational work is Catherine.

(We like to call her Cat)

Cat is amazed at Mo's interpretive powers!

Papa Legba checks it out.

Papa Legba is guardian of crossroads, among other things.

Don't know if he helped, but we had a great trip!



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