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Namaste at NACA  
Ready to Rock! We moved into the Syracuse "On Center" and set up shop under the mercury vapor lights. It was nice and shady under our awning.

Papa Legba is keeping an eye on things from his perch on the end of the table.

He knew what was in store for us...

Competition among the standholders was intense.

Here Peg and Jane try a direct approach.

Peg is in comedy, and Jane is just, naturally...

huzza! huzza!
Looks like Dave?

Garett plays percussion with Caedmon's Call, one of the many interesting groups at NACA. Sorry we don't have a clear photo of the group Surreal, from NYC.

Wonder why?

The NACA staff were very considerate.

Sometimes a little confused.

Could it have been the bird-man mask Dr Mo is wearing?

The Irrepressable Chicken?
Welcome to the Namaste booth! By day two, we had our own spokesmodel, Kim.

Kim has been a Bud girl, but how many get to be Namaste girls?


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