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Dr Mo...

I Play Bass, (Alembic Epic through SWR Amp) and sing (when ever the rest of the guys will let me) and write songs.  Most of the stuff I try to write in an African type of groove with those crazy guitar lines.  I also love the idea of doing things with odd time signatures. ( It's really a challenge to make something groove in 10/4!).  Fortunately this band is open enough, (and competent enough) to do these kind of things and make it look effortless.
Besides playing with Namaste, I also do solo Blues gigs, playing guitar and dobro.  Blues was my first inspiration to play music and it's something I don't think I'll ever give up.  As my old friend "Padre"
Alan Meyer O.S.B. used to say, "I get alot of requests when I play guitar, but I play it anyway!".  If you feel so inclined, check out my own web site. To me, Namaste is about being free.  Having the freedom as a musician to explore as many disparite musical territories as possible.   (Usually simultaniously.)  Hopefully this translates to the listener to also be free enough to dispel any boundries that have been previously respected and just let go and accept that different is good.
My other goal is to be a "Teen Idol".


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