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Dad and Ganymede

...plays the long notes. Is writing some new songs for Namaste. Now at work in his

Steam Powered Studio.

"Namaste is all about experimenting. There is complete freedom in this band to try whatever you like. If it sucks, someone will tell you, gently."

Dad and Son at the "Corner Stable" at the end of the bookstore tour.

Dad and Son

Plastic guitar

...has played in Kimberlake, Shotgun, Wooden Nickel, High Roller, the Blame, the Fender Twinns, Heat Treatment, Dark 30, the MoonBillies, Voices in the Hall, the Bill Nork Band and the Old Reliables. You probably never heard of any of 'em, but we thought you'd like the names...

"I got my first accordion for $28- Mo calls it Stanley. It's pretty rude sounding, so I have a couple of other ones that I normally use. My guitar of choice is a '60's era pawnshop Hagstrom II that David Lindley would love. It's plunkey, but long notes can be coaxed out. The best thing about it, it's red plastic with vinyl on the back side. I'll use whatever amp is available, usually a Gibson Explorer or a Guiletti, which is an old accordion amp. I have an Ibanez tube screamer of course, because Julian is SO loud!"

12 bass

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