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Julito's incredibly wacky page

This transcription I put together about 20 years ago. It's Oh No by Frank Zappa transcribed for the classical guitar, unfortunately it's complex to execute and I still can't play it correctly so...if anyone wants to take a crack at it, lemme know. I've been assigned a page all my quote Frank: "You want some more?...well here's some more!"


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the time of my birth Juan Peron (Evita's main squeeze)was overthrowing the governmet. That explains my having two birthdays, it took my dad 5 days to get me in the register. Then we migrated to Montevideo, Uruguay ( as you can see by the pix above,my relatives love music and above all DANCING!!) which is accross the River Plate. This is cattle country folks, rich in folklore and best of all is the gaucho way of life, not too different from the American west, horses, great food and of! Music in South America is very much a way of life for most of us, ie. it's virtually impossible for us to hear music and not dance or bop or make some kind of bodily motion to it.


Now as the story goes.. we moved to America when I was 13. What followed was a brief culture shock then acclimation always with music in mind. Oh yeah...I was forced to take piano lessons when I was little not knowing then how much it would help me develop the crazy mixed up style that I'm so proud of. When I started playing guitar (about 20 yeasr ago) I had an everpresent fear of falling into cliche land, 'cause everybody and their cousing was taking up the guitar but they all sounded (and still do) alike. So, following my uncle's influence I decided to teach myself how to play classical guitar. I figured this would give me a great leg up on all other styles. So I did, then came jazz then I met my lovely and talented Julie. This was when rock'n roll set in, up to that point I was pretty much a classical/jazz snob, you've probably met the type, huh?

The pix above is me as I looked when I crossed the line of immigration many years ago. The thing that gets me is how I ended up marrying such a prize. BTW she's responsible for the "cannibals"

This is the real starman

The guy responsible for me getting back into the classical guitar. When he was a baby I'd soothe him with music. Works great you moms and dads.

In the early days even Saavik the dog had parties


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